Trying to solve problems, only to find other problems


About me

me :P My name is Mladen Marinović and I am a senior coffee maker [1] now turned CTO at Smartivo . In the past 10 years I wave worked on different projects using a bunch of languages and technologies to solve problems in different fields, from simple web pages, to specific customs software, payment processing, psychological testing and processing of genomic data.

Currently I mostly use Python, Go, PostgreSQL and Docker, just to name a few. These things keep changing, so writing it down is pointless.

[1]And by coffee maker I mean software developer :)

About the blog

I usually work on several different projects using a bunch of technologies on a daily basis. In doing so I usually come across very specific problems that require a substantial amount of time to solve. Sometimes the solutions are interesting, sometimes impractical but they always serve their purpose. And if I don’t write them down they will be lost in some folder and never used again. It is better to share them so you can spend your time solving even more complicated problems. You can expect other stuff here to: hardware testing, reviews, modding, etc. I just like it all :) I will try to remain serious, most of the time.

About the blog name

Choosing a blog name is never easy. I just wanted it to be short, and associated with me. So I choose my nickname. The question that remained was: which TLD? Originally I wanted to use .dev, but Google has dibs on it for several years and it seems they will not make it publicly available. The .tech TLD was the next choice, unfortunately someone took it one day before I was planing to buy it. What a disappointment. Looking at other TLD I came across .wtf and .qa. The first seemed appropriate because of the regular WTF! when a problem slaps you in the face. The other was a letter shorter and associated with questions & answers, the stuff that I am planing to write.