Trying to solve problems, only to find other problems

And now it begins

Finally, I put it all together and published it online. It was a long road since I had the idea to start this blog, and it took me way longer than I expected to make it work. The plan was December 1st, so I am almost 6 months late. I had the graphical concept done for that date, but no content. The backlog of content themes is very long so I chose a few recent ones and started writing, and it was almost done two months ago. Then I just wanted to fix a few more things, and then to write one more thing…

It is always like this, you wait too much to have the perfect thing instead of launching when it is good enough. Because, it will never be perfect, you can always make it better when it is up and running.

So, I will try to implement all the features on this blog that I had in mind to make it the best I can. The images/picture plugin I use for Pelican is not as flexible as I want it to be, so I might just write a new one. Also, I am not a web designer so I’ll just try to give my best to make it a visually pleasant experience.

As the budget for this site is very minimal I will try to do my best to keep ads away from it.

I was planing to write content once a week, but looking back now it might be once a month. I have a bunch of material that I presented on conferences that I would like to expand a bit, so you can expect two series of posts about PostgreSQL and Docker. And then some hardware tweaks, reviews of hardware I buy and other miscellaneous stuff, just to keep things fresh.

I hope you will find the articles interesting, relevant and with a specific sense of humor that will grow on you.

Mladen Marinović

Mladen Marinović

CTO @ Smartivo